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Fitness Expert Jenny Gaither Tells Us Everything She Eats In A Day

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and my biggest “secret” for a huge chunk of that time is I had an eating disorder. It’s true - fitness professionals also feel the pressure to look “perfect”.

What healed me was falling in love with @soulcycle. I became a SoulCycle instructor a couple months after finding the first studio in 2009, and in order to teach 12-18 classes a week I had to eat. Not only that, I had to eat well to perform well. Over time I learned what my body did and didn’t like in terms of food based on how I felt when riding in class.

Food became fuel again, instead of emotional comfort or self-punishment. Check out my article with @the_newsette to see what I now eat in a day! It’s the best feeling to know I’ve healed myself and now I can show my clients how to build a positive relationship with food (and their bodies) so they can build successful businesses.

Full article here.


Movemeant Foundation Is Building a Curriculum for Moms + Daughters to Build Confidence


“Through the Movemeant Foundation, Gaither hopes to give girls the same physical outlet she had growing up (Gaither still credits dance for her confidence to stand up for herself) but without the self-scrutiny and hangups that foster disordered eating. A core part of the foundation’s mission is its Body Positive Curriculum, a 12-week program for girls in middle school — a pivotal age for self-esteem and body image. Movemeant sends instructors to middle schools and community centers to teach two 45 to 60-minute fitness classes each week for the duration of the program. Each class includes a discussion that, Gaither tells us, is “loosely structured around 12 different topics such as body positivity, confidence, nutrition, body genetics, and more.”

Read more of my interview with Brit + Co here!


Listen to my most recent interview on the The Body Project Podcast!

A huge thank you to Catherine Tanaka for asking me to speak on her podcast! Short, fun story: I was teaching one of my usual SoulCycle classes on the Upper East Side one morning when Catherine walked in to ride. She was visiting from Toronto and said she researched all SoulCycle instructors that morning near her hotel and told her husband, based on my bio which mentions my personal mission to promote body-positivity through fitness, that my class was the one they would take. And I’m so glad they did! Catherine and I became instant friends and are now plotting how we can bring a We Dare to Bare experience to Toronto!!! Woohoo!

Listen to our chat starting in ✨EPISODE 21!… However, since I had a lot to say (SHOCKER) there will be a second episode coming out soon! Below is a summary of our convo. Enjoy!

• Jenny empower you to build the healthiest relationship with your body
• How fitness can teach you who you are
Falling in love with yourself through movement.
•How if you want to be a leader, you have to lead in your own life first!
• How to be a witness to your own fitness miracles.

We Dare to Bare takes over NASHVILLE for the first time!

Jenny Gaither Brings “We Dare to Bare” to Nashville - NASHVILLE FIT MAGAZINE

“When was the last time you faced your insecurities by stepping out of your comfort zone in order to achieve a new level of confidence? What would you be willing to face in order to get out of your own way so you can live up to your fullest potential? Jenny Gaither is a pioneer in the body-positive fitness space for facing her insecurities around her belly fat at the ripe age of 22 by creating a national campaign on Facebook. The Facebook invitation encouraged women of all shapes, sizes and ages across the country to bare their #bellyjelly while working out in a sports bra in a public place. The challenge was completed once they posted a picture of themselves in a sports bra on Facebook.

The outcome of this self-acceptance-mission-driven campaign not only changed the life of Jenny, who was a fresh out of college graduate who didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but word spread and thousands of women around the world participated. What Jenny didn’t realize was her own personal journey toward body-positivity and self-confidence was turning into a movement — an organization (Movemeant Foundation) and the largest body-positive fitness festival in the country (We Dare to Bare).” Read more from Nashville FIT Magazine’s article on We Dare to Bare here.

The conversation around body positivity still needs to evolve

"Social media is where I really struggle the most, especially as a fitness professional. I get really distracted by accounts where people are trying to promote body positivity, but their messaging is completely contradictory."

We TALK a lot about self-acceptance and how we need to shift our universal dialogue around body image, however I personally want to see more ACTION. Which is why I started Movemeant Foundation. Read more of my interview with Broadly on why I believe the conversation is important but we can be doing more.. Especially when it comes to preventative work. Thankfully actions are starting to take place. Movemeant Foundation implements our signature body-positive, movement-based curriculum into Middle Schools across the country for this exact reason. We will be in over 36 Middle Schools in SF, NYC, Nashville, and Chicago in 2019, impacting more than 400 girls.


I Encourage You to Embrace Your Belly Jelly

Our bodies to do not define our capabilities or our worth. Yet, the lack of confidence we have (#insecurities) get in the way of our happiness and success all of the time. Read my interview with Swaay on why you should embrace your #bellyjelly in order to reach your fullest potential. 

“I realized that everyone deals with body image issues, everyone deals with moments in which they punish themselves with overeating, undereating, over-exercising, under-exercising, and that means we need to have a conversation about it. This was when nothing was really being broadcasted in the media especially about body positivity…there wasn’t really an organization that was creating change, and so I saw a space and a need. I really wanted to do something to help, but I was at the stage where I was still struggling with my own issues and insecurities. So I was like, ‘I should probably figure out my own stuff first before I try to help everyone else. I was insecure of my stomach, and I called the little rolls of my belly my belly jelly.”

Photo by Emilie Bers

Photo by Emilie Bers