Listen to my most recent interview on the The Body Project Podcast!

A huge thank you to Catherine Tanaka for asking me to speak on her podcast! Short, fun story: I was teaching one of my usual SoulCycle classes on the Upper East Side one morning when Catherine walked in to ride. She was visiting from Toronto and said she researched all SoulCycle instructors that morning near her hotel and told her husband, based on my bio which mentions my personal mission to promote body-positivity through fitness, that my class was the one they would take. And I’m so glad they did! Catherine and I became instant friends and are now plotting how we can bring a We Dare to Bare experience to Toronto!!! Woohoo!

Listen to our chat starting in ✨EPISODE 21!… However, since I had a lot to say (SHOCKER) there will be a second episode coming out soon! Below is a summary of our convo. Enjoy!

• Jenny empower you to build the healthiest relationship with your body
• How fitness can teach you who you are
Falling in love with yourself through movement.
•How if you want to be a leader, you have to lead in your own life first!
• How to be a witness to your own fitness miracles.