The conversation around body positivity still needs to evolve

"Social media is where I really struggle the most, especially as a fitness professional. I get really distracted by accounts where people are trying to promote body positivity, but their messaging is completely contradictory."

We TALK a lot about self-acceptance and how we need to shift our universal dialogue around body image, however I personally want to see more ACTION. Which is why I started Movemeant Foundation. Read more of my interview with Broadly on why I believe the conversation is important but we can be doing more.. Especially when it comes to preventative work. Thankfully actions are starting to take place. Movemeant Foundation implements our signature body-positive, movement-based curriculum into Middle Schools across the country for this exact reason. We will be in over 36 Middle Schools in SF, NYC, Nashville, and Chicago in 2019, impacting more than 400 girls.