Fitness Expert Jenny Gaither Tells Us Everything She Eats In A Day

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for almost 15 years now and my biggest “secret” for a huge chunk of that time is I had an eating disorder. It’s true - fitness professionals also feel the pressure to look “perfect”.

What healed me was falling in love with @soulcycle. I became a SoulCycle instructor a couple months after finding the first studio in 2009, and in order to teach 12-18 classes a week I had to eat. Not only that, I had to eat well to perform well. Over time I learned what my body did and didn’t like in terms of food based on how I felt when riding in class.

Food became fuel again, instead of emotional comfort or self-punishment. Check out my article with @the_newsette to see what I now eat in a day! It’s the best feeling to know I’ve healed myself and now I can show my clients how to build a positive relationship with food (and their bodies) so they can build successful businesses.

Full article here.