I believe every girl deserves the chance to uncover her strengths in order to build self-confidence. Every girl should be given the opportunity to feel unstoppable and celebrated.

One of the most powerful ways to build self-worth is through movement. I believe in this so deeply that I’ve dedicated over half of my life to the health and fitness space. On this journey of empowering women to use fitness as a tool to build confidence, I now wear a few different hats; I started as the Founder & CEO of Movemeant Foundation - a 501-c-3 nonprofit that uses fitness as a tool to help girls and women build self-worth and confidence, and now I’m also a body-positive health coach, motivational speaker, Master SoulCycle instructor, and curator of Notorious FIT cardio hip dance.

I’ve been given opportunities to the be the spokesperson for national brands, such as Sweaty Betty and Splenda, as well as the chance to speak on local and national media outlets, such as Fox Business News. I've been a blogger for the Huffington Post - providing body-confident tips and advice to women, and have been featured in magazines, such as Shape, Glamour, and Women's Health as an expert in body-positivity. 

I've had the privilege of being a guest speaker at national conferences, such as Boston College's Women Summit and The Business Movement as well as a guest speaker on various local & national podcasts as the voice of body positivity in the fitness industry. I've participated in health & wellness panel discussions, such as Create & Cultivate's #liveyouradventure panel and Shape Magazine's Women Run the World

Alongside my Movemeant team, I rang the closing and opening bell at the New York City Stock Exchange on behalf of Movemeant Foundation. Last, but definitely not least, l had the opportunity to be a part of Oprah's SuperSoul Series Tour, riding a SoulCycle bike on the stage with Oprah in front of thousands of people. I mean.... What..?!

I list these achievements because I never in a million years thought a career in fitness could open so many doors for me. I never saw that much potential in myself. Honestly. Now. Let me go back and tell you more about where I started.

My story doesn’t follow the traditional lines of an all-star athlete. As a kid in Santa Cruz, CA., my less-than-perfect hand-eye coordination kept me on the sidelines of most team sports. Unfortunately my lack of coordination stuck.

It wasn’t until I discovered dance that I was able to explore a whole new way of using my body to release physical and emotional stress, to express myself through a positive and healthy outlet, and to develop important life-skills, such as discipline and patience. After many years spent as a competitive dancer, studying dance in college at University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign, and moving to NYC to dance professionally; something started to shift inside of me in my early 20’s. The pressure I felt from society's unrealistic standard of beauty led to issues with my self-image, and eventually a struggle with eating disorders.   

After moving to NYC at the age of 22, I quit dance altogether to find a new path in fitness and became a SoulCycle instructor. SoulCycle became my dance class, but on a bike. My sweaty, endorphin-filled classes became the opportunity I craved to advocate for the strength and self-empowerment that I had lost somewhere along my journey. It was then that I came face to face with my own body image issues and realized the uncomfortable truth—that my own journey of self-acceptance was only just beginning. 

Fitness and physical movement - whether it be cycling, dance, surfing - makes significant impact on our self-confidence. Through fitness we can use our bodies as a vehicle to develop self-respect, compassion, and self-love. I am sure you can remember one unforgettable finish-line, game, or group fitness class where the endorphin high was so bold it fueled an emotionally stronger and more fierce version of yourself. Where you walked away feeling unstoppable, radiant, and proud. It was in those drops of sweat on the bike that I was able to uncover my own self-worth again.

I realized what a real struggle it is for so many women and young girls to feel confident in themselves. I want to make a difference - to  remind young women that we should celebrate who we are by empowering ourselves, by overcoming challenges, by practicing strength and resilience, and by thriving off of what we are capable of. 

So here I am. I'm ready to inspire, support and motivate YOU to overcome your insecurities so you can be confident, happy and successful. Are you ready? Let’s do this.


Jenny G.