“Without sounding extremely dramatic, my experience with #BraveBabesBlueprint was life changing. I was in a rut. I felt like the walls were caving in and I had nowhere to go. I'd been in years of therapy for traumatic childhood experiences and needed to shake things up to promote change and happiness in my life for present day. I'd lost my spark, my health was in rapid decline, and I felt like I had lost my purpose.

Jenny, and the #BraveBabeBlueprint community helped me address my truth, regain confidence and self-worth, and most importantly, ground myself in everything I had to be grateful for around me. The community pushed me to focus on myself and promote self-care, all the things that were REALLY TOUGH to surrender. As a strong community, we held ourselves & everyone accountable. It's a community where you can be vulnerable without judgement. EVERYONE is rooting for you, whether it's a success or failure.

Knee deep in my BraveBabes process, I addressed unhealthy relationships that needed to be severed to make me a happier person. I finally took the steps needed to address my health issues. I learned about my eating habits and how to improve. I got married and had a beautiful wedding filled with SO MUCH LOVE. The accomplishment for not making excuses and taking the time to work on myself was a huge WIN. I was working full-time, planning a wedding, committing to my BraveBabe homework and weekly calls. Life was crazy but it was doable with Jenny's mentorship and guidance and my #BraveBabe community. Whether, the issue is big or small, everyone in the community treats your struggle equally. Thank you, Jenny, for creating a safe space where women can be their most authentic self. You have changed my life and I have new life long friends because of this experience.”


“How do I even begin to describe the profound effect hiring Jenny Gaither as a coach has had on my life? I’ll start with Jenny as a person. Jenny is the type of person that every woman wishes She had as a friend. That go to gal-pal you know you can count on to make a bad day a million times better. However, the difference with Jenny is she won’t just bash your boss with you, instead she will guide you to shift your perspective and find a solution. She is warm and has a “light” about her that all those who encounter her can’t miss. She is honest and authentic, she admits her struggles and encourages her clients through her experiences. She is humorous and light hearted, she is able to find levity in hard conversations, and because of that is able to make her clients comfortable. Jenny’s energy is contagious, whether you take her class at SoulCycle, talk to her individually, or  participate in a group call you cannot help but emulate her energy for the rest of the day. She is someone everyone wants to learn from.

I joined Jenny’s “Brave Babe Blueprint” program on a whim. Tired of feeling frustrated and self conscious about my body, I joined to gain confidence and practice self-love. From the moment I started I LOVED the individual/group calls, the course work, and the Facebook community (private page). Jenny regularly challenged us to do things that pushed out of our comfort zones, slowly but surely we began building confidence and trust in ourselves and each other. The course work made us really think and reflect. Our individual and group calls, began to shift from not only workout woes and binge eating frustrations, but rather learning to validate ourselves, set healthy boundaries with colleagues and friends, and to lose our “perfectionist” mindsets and replace them with tiny sustainable shifts that would lead us to where we wanted to be. 

Although you can not measure my confidence, self worth, and trust in my own capabilities, on a scale like you can weight, I am positive that my 12 week experience working with Jenny Gaither has tremendously enhanced all these areas (and more) in my life.  Jenny’s program “Brave Babe Blueprint” has been the best investment I have made to date. Prior to BBP, I would invest in gym memberships, trainers, nutrition plans, and meal prep services to achieve body positivity and confidence- it never worked and now I know it never would have either. Changing the way you see and value yourself, regardless of what size jeans you wear, is the key. I genuinely appreciate Jenny conveying that to me (and sooo much more) as my confidence coach.”


“Working with Jenny was like a breathe of fresh air! Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about things we have struggled with or are struggling with with our close friends and family. But having such an unbiased point of view was life changing and the best part, is that Jenny and the other girls became my friends too. Jenny is so easy to open up to, she quickly became like the big sister I never had! I was confused, at a dead end and felt hopeless but Jenny, the entire program, and the people I was surrounded with gave me guidance that is unmatched. Love, hope, self confidence, self awareness, and lasting friendship is created within the BB program!”


“When I signed up for the Brave Babe Blueprint, I was in a really dark mental state. I was exhausted and was on the verge of burnout. Jenny was a light in my life that I didn't know I needed. Her curriculum is easy to follow, has great resources, and the women I connected with on a weekly basis really made me feel like I wasn't alone. There were things I didn't even know I was struggling with until I logged into the week's homework or onto our group chat. Jenny is super quick to respond to any questions or issues and genuinely wants you to succeed. She helped me flip my mindset and really dug deep into how I could change my my thoughts and day to day life for the better. The tools I have from the Brave Babe Blueprint are still fresh in my daily routine and I am grateful for it. I highly recommend Jenny and the program.”


“I was very on the fence when I joined the #bravebabe community but figured I had nothing to lose. Work and personal life were both a bit topsy turvy for me and the brave babes became my sounding boards through it all. They gave me so much support and the tough love that I needed. Jenny helped me sort through the noise to reset my priorities and refocus on what was really important to me. The self work is hard and not always pleasant, but it’s so worth it. Jenny fosters such a sense of trust among the group that you find yourself talk about things you wouldn’t literally anywhere else and it’s that complete trust to speak freely (without judgement) that helps get to the root of the things that are really preventing you from living your life in the best way for you. So while I may have thought I just had nothing to lose when I went in, I came out with new friends and a renewed sense of happiness in my life.”


“When I first signed up for the Brave Babe Blueprint I was searching for genuine connection. I felt lost and insecure in my work, in my body, and overall in life. As a recent college grad, it was hard to know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life but I learned that I don't have to have it all figured out.

I've completely changed my life since completing the program which has been terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I don't think I would have found confidence to leave my old life behind if I didn't have the connection with other people or the connection I found with myself.”


“Brave Babe Blueprint was a really enlightening experience for me. I came into the program with the goals of getting to the next stage in my career, finding the confidence in myself to do so and also being more accepting of myself and my body. I was able to uncover and identify areas of my past and personality that contribute to who I am today that I had never connected before and also find ways to more effectively manage stress, setbacks, relationships, etc.

I really enjoyed the format of BBB, both in terms of the curriculum that Jenny created and also the support, honesty and vulnerability of the other members of the group. It really added to the experience for me.

In the end, I got the job I wanted and I feel I have become more aware and accepting of myself as I am. This will always be a process and a journey, but BBB has helped me find the tools to do so.”


“I worked with Jenny for about 12 weeks in her Brave Babe Blueprint program, during that time Jenny helped me to assess, understand, and acknowledge my emotions and thoughts. I loved working with Jenny and meeting new and amazing women on our group calls and meet ups. It was really an experience I will always cherish.”


“My journey with Jenny has been a fruitful one. Having rode in her classes years earlier and being familiar with her Dare to Bare movement, I knew about her energy and dedication to helping women. I trusted that based on this work, she would be the right match for me. Jenny did not disappoint.

When I decided to begin working with Jenny I was at a very low point emotionally. That being said, I found myself wanting to make change and was open to it. The work I needed to focus on, like so many women, was in a multitude of areas. My mental health was reacting to poor choices I was making physically and emotionally. Jenny helped right my ship. Our initial calls were spent sharing about my formative years which I believe helped Jenny direct the support she guided me through.

Jenny helped me reevaluate my priorities for what matters most. Most importantly, Jenny was my biggest cheerleader and helped me become kinder to myself.

I also very much appreciated the simultaneous website work and nutritional coaching I received from her program. This was especially significant for body image after babies! Having the group calls accompany the work I was doing with Jenny was a surprising bonus to this program as well.

Jenny was a ray of light of positivity to me, but also a realist who validated my feelings which is what I needed most.

She redirected my work on self worth and I continue to benefit from her guidance.”


From the moment I met Jenny it felt like I already knew her. I am extremely skeptical, especially of all things self-help, but her sense of humor, playfulness and authenticity made her an incredible coach and me a believer. I never doubted or pushed against her advice because it felt practical and real: I could feel that she had fought her own battles to gain that powerful wisdom. The brave babe community she created felt safe, inclusive and fun, and even though I barely knew these women at first, she made me feel comfortable opening up in group about my eating disorder and some of my biggest insecurities. Before brave babe I was convinced my binge eating would be a forever burden, and that I wouldn’t be happy until I lost 10 more pounds and found a boyfriend. HA! Thank you Jenny for helping me let that go and discover what true happiness and acceptance is. 

Proud brave babe.