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Whether you're into rocking out to Beyoncé on a SoulCycle bike, rallying behind body-positive fitness movements or have a love for hip hop dance, I've got you covered! Check out my schedule below and let’s sweat to feel our best!

Individual Coaching

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I went from Bod Obsessed to a Biz Success. How? I beat my insecurities so they no longer hold me back. Now I help female entrepreneurs overcome their insecurities so they can build successful businesses. Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about my private or group coaching.

About Me, Jenny G.


I used to struggle with feeling great in my body all of the time. I wrestled with body image issues and eating disorders for half of my life. After giving up on my life-long dream of becoming a professional dancer because I wasn’t skinny enough, I realized I needed a change. I decided to face my insecurities head on which led me to my dream career.

The other day, one of my good friends asked me, "Who do you look up to the most? Who is living a life that inspires you and motivates you to do more?" and — besides my own mother, who is an angel in her own way — the woman who instantly came to my mind was Jenny Gaither.When I moved to San Francisco and knew literally no one, Jenny was among the first people I could call a friend. Her warmth, kindness, selflessness, and love emanated, and I knew I was in the presence of someone special.

Dominique Michelle Astorino


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